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Bamboo Stone Crystal Pipe with Carb

About the Pipe:

This pipe is made at a minimum length of 5 inches.

Made from a natural bamboo stone pipe and finished with a carb on the left side of the pipe. A really solid stone with beautiful unique patterns on every pipe. 

All of our pipes include high quality stainless steel filters that are safe to use and have been tested. 

The stainless steel filters can easily be removed from the pipe if you prefer not to use them. In the event that you lose your filter, you can simply purchase replacements from our online shop.


The stainless steel filter is included with the pipe, and can easily be cleaned when removed from the snug fit. You clean this pipe the same way you would with glass pipes. We recommend using rubbing alcohol and salt. 

Please note that all of our products are strictly intended for legal purposes only. 

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