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About Us

RawEarthGems is a local pipe company started in Vancouver, BC Canada. The idea was formed when two friends were brainstorming what the most epic pipe would consist of, while on a hike in Golden Ears Provincial Park. 

The goal was to create something that would hit smooth, could be cleaned easily, was more durable than glass, and something that could fit in your pocket comfortably. We wanted to create something that you could take on a hike, and enjoy using while sitting beside a waterfall or walking through a forest.   

The end result was a pipe made from different crystals, complete with removable filters that could be cleaned with ease. We posted our designs and creations on social media, and was blown away by the amount of interest in our pipes.

Today, we are constantly trying to improve our pipes, and create a world class brand that stands behind top quality. We supply many shops around the USA and Canada, and are always looking to expand. Once you try our pipes, you can never go back.